Free Sewing Patterns List – 2020


Money is extremely tight for a lot of households at the moment and we are all spending more time indoors looking for welcome distractions.  As my small way of helping, I have spent hours updating this list of over 100 FREE sewing patterns to make sure all the links work and add in everyone’s suggestions so that now there are more patterns than ever!

If you do have some spare cash and are in need of a little treat, I have some pins and stickers in the shop with the messages Rewear, Repair, Refashion and Repair is Rebellion.

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10 Reasons Crafting Makes Me Happy


Sweater made in yarn from LoveCrafts

With everyone’s anxiety levels up at the moment I thought today was a good day to be inspired by LoveCrafts #StarMakerOfTheMonth March theme of Happiness. Sewing and knitting are my two preferred crafts and they both make me happy in quite different ways. As the International Day of Happiness is this month LoveCrafts have asked craft bloggers to write posts inspired by these questions:

1. What makes you happy?

2. Why does the handmade make you happy?

3. Share some of your favourite patterns and makes!

So I thought I would give it a go, as it seems like a good idea to spend some time thinking about the healing power of our crafts and the joy they can bring. I think this is an exercise that will be good for my own mental health, why not join in? I have come up with 10 reasons crafting makes me happy, do you have more?! Read More

Strawberry Carolyn Pyjamas


Do you ever wonder what to make with quilting cotton? I do! I always love the cute novelty prints but I wouldn’t usually wear them day-to-day and couldn’t actually think of a pattern that would suit such a structured cotton that I would actually get any wear out of. Enter the Closet Case Carolyn Pyjamas (Yes I know the pattern is spelt pajamas but I can’t bring myself to spell it the American way!) as well as being perfect for flannel and silky fabrics this pattern also recommends cotton poplin and thus makes it the perfect pattern for using those novelty print cottons or quilting cottons that are cute but never know what to do with! Read More

Denim Month: Repairing Holes


Hello friends!

I am really excited to be writing this blog post – my final one for denim month! As you may have seen on my Instagram I have been trying to shift my focus from new makes to spending more of my time and energy on repairing existing items that need a little bit of TLC. I have been joining in with #mendingmonday and committing some time each Monday to repairing at least one item but once I have my needle and thread out it often turns into two or three things that get a bit of love! Read More

Denim Month: Burnside Bibs

Picture 1

Do you ever order fabric online and then completely change your mind what you are going to make once it arrives and you feel it?! I ordered this denim chambray expecting to make the Merchant and Mills Ellis Dress but it was far too lightweight for the wintery version I had in mind. This was no problem at all, as you all know I ordered some 6oz denim and made my beautiful Ellis and had an idea what to make with this so I am totally claiming chambray as an acceptable contribution to denim month!

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Denim Month: Using Scraps


You may have already seen this blog post over on the Sewcialists blog but if not, here it is… I am so excited that the theme this month is denim as it is my all-time favourite fabric! It’s my favourite fabric to sew as it behaves well under the sewing machine and it’s my favourite fabric to wear as it looks great with so many colours, makes durable garments and only gets better with age!

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Denim Month: Bombazine Mitt


Seeing as my blog post last Sunday was short and sweet I thought I would treat you to a bonus blog post this week and do a #toolthursday post!

As you may have seen, this month the Sewcialists have deemed February ‘Denim Month’ I couldn’t be happier about this as I love denim and it is definitely my favourite fabric. I have made several denim garments over the years and that means I have a few denim scraps. So I decided to put some of the smaller pieces to good use. Read More

Archer Shirt Dress Hack


You may have already seen this dress on my Instagram. I might have mentioned a few times that I have been drooling over this OffOn green corduroy shirtdress for over a year:


I have been plotting how I am going to achieve the hack for some time now. I couldn’t find any perfect green corduroy so I went for this rust colour but sort of wish I had waited. Because I knew I had changed the colour, it wouldn’t be the same as the inspo and so it meant I kind of ran out of steam on some of the other hacks. It was way easier to make a shirt bodice and attach a gathered skirt than making a shirtdress with a full placket like the one pictured. I do think this could be achieved by combining the Grainline Archer pattern I have with the Sew Liberated Hinterland Dress. I also decided not to add the pocket flaps as I don’t have any existing patterns with pockets like that and I wasn’t in the mood to try and figure out the construction for myself. Read More

One year sewn… Winter Edition


This is the second part of my One Year Sewn series where I go back and look at makes I made a year ago and see if they are washing and wearing well. I hope to make my clothes last and so I am using this as a useful exercise in examining why things maybe didn’t work so well and if I am not wearing them, is there anything I can do to fix that?

The first post I did was this Autumn Edition one where I looked at makes from Sep/Oct/Nov of 2018 and it prompted me to fix a skirt that wasn’t being worn so that’s great!

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