Wool & Honey Sweater


This sweater has been finished since mid November – I am so behind with sharing makes! This one I LOVE though and I have been wearing it constantly. If I were to hazard a guess I’d say that this has already been worn 20 times, in fact, my mum recently asked if I ever wear anything else!

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York Pinafore


I sewed this in the few days after new year before returning to normality. I was feeling pensive about our move to York being exactly one year ago and thought making the York pinafore would be a nice way to celebrate the anniversary. I also thought it would be a really nice simple project to reignite that new year sewjo! What a mistake that was!


Don’t get me wrong – the pattern is indeed a simple one. I just got way too overconfident, completely stopped looking at the instructions and made some rookie errors on top of a complete failure to try it on as I was making it (it’s only going to take a couple of hours – why stop to try on?!) GAH what an idiot! Read More

Plans for 2020


Happy new year! I am sure you are probably fed up by now hearing of everyone’s new year’s resolutions and plans for 2020. Well I am afraid this post is more of the same. I know I’ve been absent from the blog for several weeks now and it has given me lots of time to consider the direction I want to move in.

Firstly, I reached the two year anniversary of this blog in that time, an achievement I am really proud of! When I started this blog I wanted to document my sustainable sewing journey and wasn’t sure I would enjoy blogging at all, let alone still be doing it two years later. If you are reading this then thank you for being here! Read More

Learning Punch Needle


I love trying out a new craft, it’s just so nice to be a beginner at something isn’t it? I still feel that way about knitting, with every project I learn something new and it’s such a great feeling watching those skills grow and develop. I’ve been following some awesome punch needlers for a while now and was thinking it looked like a great way to use up yarn scraps so when I was asked if I’d like to try the new Milward range of punch needle tools I immediately said YES! Read More

Knitting Christmas Gift Guide


I have been knitting for one year now and have a pretty good idea of which gadgets/accessories I have found useful. I don’t really need any sewing stuff at the moment so I am mostly asking for things to continue with my knitting projects. So while I was writing my Christmas list to send to Father Christmas, I thought I would also put together a little list of stuff others might find useful suggestions for the knitters in their lives! (Contains some products I was sent for free) Read More

Hinterland Dress Hack


I am not usually much of a pattern hacker. I love really getting immersed in a pattern and giving it my complete focus. I find it so therapeutic following the flow of a pattern and like all the steps being laid out for me so I can just follow them. Pattern hacking is an extra effort that I cannot usually be bothered with, it involves extra brainwork that I get no joy from. I know loads of people who love the challenge of a pattern hack but that definitely isn’t me! Read More

Sew Up North 2019


Well yesterday was a bit flipping exciting! As well as the annual Sew Up North event (which is the highlight of the sewing calendar as far as I am concerned) I also went to an extremely exciting bookish event in Leeds afterwards. I got up at 6.30am to get ready and get to Leeds in time to help set up in the morning and didn’t get home until after 11pm – and I loved (nearly!) every minute of it!

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Denim Ellis Dress


Pockets full of conkers!

This dress has been a year in the making. I saw Noni’s (@isewyousee) version last winter and knew I wanted to copy it straightaway. It is literally my perfect dress – it’s comfy, detailed, big pocketed and hardwearing. I think it is particularly timeless so I am excited to wear this for many years and watch the denim wear and fade over time.

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One year on… Autumn Edition


I’ve had a few conversations recently about revisiting older makes and talking about how they are wearing six months or one year on. So I’ve decided to do a #oneyearon spotlight on makes that I made a year ago and examining how they are doing. Are they being worn? If not, why not? Is the fabric washing and wearing well? How could I make sure that my makes are more sustainable to avoid any problems that I uncover… I am going to try and do this quarterly so that I can examine a set of makes for each season. Let’s start with what I made last autumn! Read More