My First Experience of Cupro


If you have been following me on Instagram you may have seen a while ago I announced that I have joined the Adam Ross Blogger Network! This is a real honour as Sewstainability is quite a new blog so it felt amazing to be welcomed into this fab community of bloggers and sent some gorgeous fabric to review! If you aren’t familiar with Adam Ross Fabrics they are a UK based fabric company with a really diverse selection and some real bargain prices, well worth a look if you need/want/can’t help but buy fabric! Read More


First two weeks of #mmmay18

Hello! It’s me! No, I’ve not fallen off the face of the earth – I have been taking part in my first Me Made May over on Instagram but the blog has been sadly neglected so far this month. I think it has been a combination of my little boy turning three and just having a crazy couple of weeks but everything is settling down now and I’m back on the ole blog!

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Insta Challenges Everywhere!


It’s May 1st! We all know what that means – it’s time for Me Made May 2018! I will be joining in for the first time this year and I am so excited!

It seems to be the season of Insta challenges with so many beginning and ending at the moment. The end of April marked the end of #soiselflessewingmonth which was organised by Sew Over It , the challenge was to dedicate all of your sewing in April to sewing for others. I took part for the entire month and actually really enjoyed it. I kind of used it as an excuse to get through a big to-do-list of things I wanted to sew for people. My little boy has just gone up a size and so I made him three t-shirts and two pairs of jogging bottoms. I made a sweet baby set of dungarees and a bib for a friend who is about to have a baby. I made my hubby a t-shirt to match our son for his birthday and I made a new duvet cover and pillowcase for my little one’s toddler bed.

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Starry Night Kielo


This dress is most definitely one of a kind and possibly my favourite thing I have ever made. It is a modified Named Clothing Kielo Wrap Dress made out of fabric I dyed myself. I am not an experienced fabric dyer but I am completely thrilled with the result – it is everything I was hoping for! I have been inspired by several gorgeous Kielo’s which have been posted lately by the likes of Sarah of Wanderstitch, Fiona of Diary of a Chainstitcher and Heather Lou of Closet Case Patterns. I also love all of the versions that Shauni of The Magnificent Thread has made. I wanted mine to be casual enough for me to wear it as a day dress, I don’t get out much so this needed to be wearable for a nice shopping trip or coffee date! Read More

Ideas For #sewingleftovers

Have you seen the new sewing challenge #sewingleftovers? Launched by Shauni of The Magnificent Thread the idea is to come up with ways to use up your scraps and I quite frankly love it! You can read all the details of how to take part here on her Instagram page. I am so excited to see more conversations around sustainable sewing cropping up everywhere and seeing as tomorrow is the start of Fashion Revolution week I thought it would be a good time to shed some light on this new sustainable sewing challenge!

I don’t think there is any better way of showing your commitment to sewing sustainably than using up all your fabric. That fabric has used resources to be produced, you chose it and bought it – why not use all of it? Being careful with leftovers is one of the easiest ways that home sewists can be more environmentally friendly and less like fast fashion manufacturers in their impact on the planet.

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Happy #iscd2018


Happy International Sewing Community Day! This lovely celebration has been created by Hattie Van Der Krohn and Athina Kakou. It is to salute this wonderful International Sewing Community and create a special occasion where we can celebrate the wonderful online and real-life relationships of sewists worldwide!

As a part of this day, Hattie and Athina have been encouraging everyone to make a party outfit to join in with their virtual party around the world. I didn’t make the skirt in this outfit, it is this skirt from Palava that I have owned for years, but I did make the top. Read More

Tablecloth Dyeing

I have a love/hate relationship with Dylon dyes. I absolutely love that they can be used to update/upcycle existing garments and reinvent textiles such as bedding and tablecloths for my home sewing projects. I hate that they are so polluting and use so much water. I cannot decide which is worse, disposing of my old clothes and textiles that I would happily use if they were a different colour or using the dyes to change them. I had two Dylon machine dye pods in my stash that I bought in a Hobbycraft sale last year, I felt like I should use them but after this I am hoping to spend the summer researching and experimenting with natural dyes. Read More

Rag Market tips / Fabric Haul


If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen that last weekend I made another pilgrimage to the World Famous Rag Market. We don’t live locally but my mum and I try and go a couple of times a year for a nice day out or weekend away. This time we had a busy one day trip which included the rag market shopping and tickets to the Sewing for Pleasure show at the NEC.
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Snowy Swagger Sweater


Anyone else try and get blog pictures in the snow? I was so full of cold but was determined to get out in that pretty white stuff for some nice pictures – unfortunately a horrendous cold and standing in the snow without a coat on wasn’t a good combination, so this is what I ended up with – I’ll definitely give it a miss next time!

Anyway, on to the sewing! I made this top – it’s the Swagger Sweater from George and Ginger Patterns. I have written a post before about the Rival Dress from George and Ginger and so I would definitely say I was a fan of this pattern company! Read More