#KBPatternSwap Reveal!


It’s #kbpatternswap reveal day! I’m so excited! This was my first time taking part and I have been totally blown away by the kindness and generosity displayed by the sewing community!

If you haven’t heard of the #kbpatternswap before it is a pattern swapping initiative come up with by the amazing Sian of Kittenish Behaviour. The general idea is you are assigned a person to swap with, you follow them on Instagram and you get an idea of what they like and you send them a pattern or patterns that you think they would enjoy!

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#Sewtogetherforsummer Rainbow Kielo


I know I am late to the party but I finally have a wrap dress to enter in this year’s #sewtogetherforsummer challenge! This was actually my first Named Clothing Kielo Wrap Dress that I made as a wearable toile for the Starry Night Kielo I made earlier this year. I actually made this dress in February but wasn’t happy with it so it’s been in the naughty corner of my sewing room for four months! I made this intending for it to be a wearable toile but decided upon finishing it that it wasn’t very wearable! Read More

Me Made May Reflections



So Me Made May is over and this was my first year taking part. I have so many thoughts about how the month went so I apologise if this is a bit rambling!

Firstly, I want to say I enjoyed it. I enjoyed seeing how people’s handmade outfits fit into their everyday lives and not just posed in blog photos. I enjoyed the reality of people taking a snap before they ran off to work or a selfie on the bus afterwards. I absolutely loved discovering loads of new people to follow and finding about new fabric and pattern companies previously unheard of.

Secondly, I am happy I did achieve my pledge, I pledged to wear me-made everyday for the month of May and I did achieve that. This meant putting thought into getting dressed each morning and choosing my me-mades. This also meant I DID get dressed each day, I didn’t stay in my PJs when I knew I wasn’t going anywhere. This is a really good thing, I feel so much more put together on days when I get dressed so it was certainly a good month for my mental health. Read More