My Secret Dress!


I finally got my hands on this most beautiful fabric, the Atelier Brunette Stardust Double Gauze.Β  I have been drooling over it for months and couldn’t afford to buy any, but then I was given the opportunity to join the Minerva Crafts Blogger Network and what was the first fabric I asked for? This OF COURSE!

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Autumn Leaves Top


This is the autumnal top of dreams right? I am so in love with this fabric! I received this small piece of reddish leaves Tencel in a scrap bag I was given for Christmas last year and it has taken me all year to get this ready just in time for it to be a lovely autumn make! The first challenge was to find a fabric that co-ordinated well with it. I only had a small piece and knew if I wanted to turn it into a garment then I needed to find some coordinating fabric. Read More

I knitted a hat!


So it seems I have taken up knitting alongside my sewing. I have tried to knit before and made my mum a scarf one Christmas years ago but that was all I ever made and I certainly never got the bug to keep knitting! However, I have been following Abi – the Crafty Pinup who has been knitting a lot lately and she’s been talking about how therapeutic she has found it to supplement her sewing with a bit of knitting. Abi has talked of how it is nice to do in the evenings when too tired to sew but it’s nice to be still creating. I thought I would like to have a go again and this time I am hooked! Read More