How to refashion a dress that’s TOO SMALL


Okay. Real talk time. We talk a lot in sustainability conversations that it’s good to refashion existing garments. It is great to take something unloved that already exists and make it into something you will wear a lot. That’s a really sustainable way to source materials and get a new garment without using anything that has been newly manufactured. I had a conversation with Emily (@notinator) on Insta recently about the downside to this. Often we are told to scour charity shops for the biggest garments we can find in order to get the most material, I feel like this was particularly mentioned a lot during the refashioners challenges.


Plus-size dresses and coats yield the most amount of fabric to be turned into something new, that is true. But what about plus-sized people who need new clothes? Due to various societal biases there is evidence to show that fat people are paid less and unemployed more, so I have realised the importance of leaving good quality plus-size clothes in thrift/charity shops for people to wear. After all, many of us will have clothes that are too small for us already sitting in our wardrobes, they might still be great for refashioning! Read More

The right tools for the job!

DSC03027Anyone else guilty of not always using the right tools for the job? Trying to get away with not always using the right needle and instantly regretting it? Making a knit pattern work for woven? I am totally guilty of not always using the correct interfacing and sometimes I get away with it – sometimes I cause myself a world of pain! Anyone else guilty of this? Read More

A Henley for the Hubby!

Picture 5

It was this handsome man’s 31st birthday this week, and amongst other things, I gave him this t shirt I made for him. It is the Strathcona Henley pattern and I made it as this month’s Minerva Crafts Blogger Network make.

It has got me thinking about sewing for other’s more though. I got great joy from making this for my husband and in truth I don’t need any more clothes now. Add that to the fact that my son is growing like a weed and I think I am ready to really put some thought into my Me Made May Pledge. Read More

No more dodgy hems!


Where has the last week gone?! I don’t know how a week has passed since I wrote last week’s review. This week I’m testing out the Clover Stitch Guide. This is a new tool from Clover that I couldn’t get my hands on fast enough and let me tell you a little story why…

I’ve been sewing for over ten years but I really fell in love with sewing in 2015 after I had my son. I absolutely loved making cute baby clothes – they are quick to make, fun to design and only use small pieces of fabric. I was totally hooked. Jersey fabrics were my favourite and I loved making him cute dungarees and t-shirts. Because baby clothes are quick to make, I could manage to fit them into the short times I was baby-free and it really brought me joy to have something calm to do that was just for me. Read More

What a load of old rubbish!


Hello! It’s time for the next installment of my product review series called Tool Thursdays and this time I have my hands on a product I am really excited about! Thread giants Gutermann have been innovating and have come out with 100% recycled polyester thread made from recycled plastic bottles. Less energy is required to manufacture the raw material and the CO² emissions are significantly reduced – this conserves the environment and saves natural resources. Some of you might remember it got a super brief mention on the Sustainability episode of the Great British Sewing Bee but because of BBC advertising rules the manufacturer name didn’t get mentioned!


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Twinning is Winning!


When you realise that your three year old is happy to match mummy – you run don’t walk to the sewing machine! I mean how cute are mummy and baby (ok not really baby anymore) matching sweatshirts?! I ordered this amazing narwhal sweatshirt for me but as soon as I realised I had enough scraps for both of us it was happening! I mean we all know twinning is winning right?!

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