What a load of old rubbish!


Hello! It’s time for the next installment of my product review series and this time I have my hands on a product I am really excited about! Thread giants Gutermann have been innovating and have come out with 100% recycled polyester thread made from recycled plastic bottles. Less energy is required to manufacture the raw material and the CO² emissions are significantly reduced – this conserves the environment and saves natural resources. Some of you might remember it got a super brief mention on the Sustainability episode of the Great British Sewing Bee but because of BBC advertising rules the manufacturer name didn’t get mentioned!


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Twinning is Winning!


When you realise that your three year old is happy to match mummy – you run don’t walk to the sewing machine! I mean how cute are mummy and baby (ok not really baby anymore) matching sweatshirts?! I ordered this amazing narwhal sweatshirt for me but as soon as I realised I had enough scraps for both of us it was happening! I mean we all know twinning is winning right?!

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Pastel Perfection: Marbled Glass Headed Pins


Hello! I’m going crazy and comin’ at ya on a Thursday! Say whaaaat? “What is this madness?!” I hear you cry! But I’m so excited to share with you some news! I can finally reveal that I am super lucky to be partnering up with some of my favourite haberdashery brands to bring you a small series of new product reviews!

I’ve been given some new products to try out and give my honest opinions on. I am excited to try some new things and work with some amazing brands which I am sure many of us already use. Does Gutermann ring any bells? Ever heard of Clover? Vlieseline? and Sew Easy? Of course you have! They’re huge! And I am so excited to be working with them! Read More

A Wedge of Swans


Did you know that the collective noun for swans in flight is a wedge of swans? I absolutely love learning funny/interesting collective nouns like a parliament of owls and a cauldron of bats. Do you have any favourites? I love silly facts like that and I even think that the folds of the Kielo dress mirror the swan wedge shape! Am I thinking about this too closely? Probably! Read More

Floral Freya of Dreams


I’ve been meaning to have a go at the Tilly and the Buttons Freya top since Tilly’s Stretch book came out last year. The problem was, I really didn’t want any of the other patterns in the book. I have a raglan t-shirt pattern already and I won’t make a hoodie, jogging bottoms or the Joni dress as it’s just not my style. I was pleasantly surprised when someone said to check my local library and they had it in! I had a bit of an ethical dilemma about just borrowing the book and tracing the pattern and felt a bit guilty about not paying for the pattern. But I have bought Tilly’s other book (which I haven’t made anything from!) and lots and lots of her other patterns so I thought she would forgive me. Read More

Tablecloth Refashion!

Picture 1

Only long-time followers of the blog will remember my experiments last year with dyeing tablecloths. I absolutely loved the finished results but since then they have sat in my stash waiting for the perfect project!


Anyone remember me dyeing these?!

Well a few weeks ago, I finally had the idea for the perfect  project! The Sew Liberated Metamorphic Dress! This pattern has been on my radar for ages but the fabric requirements were holding me back. Because this pattern is made up of two layers, making the dress reversible, it takes up quite a lot of fabric. I struggled to justify buying 4-5m of fabric for one dress. This is when I realised it was the perfect project for one of my tablecloths! Read More

Tutorial: How to make a Felt Pin Banner


I have developed a real love for enamel pin badges.  I blame Pink Coat Club for giving me the first taste and now I am hooked. I love heading out wearing a little display of my favourite things, hobbies, books and films all represented by these little pieces of treasure on my shirt/jacket/dungarees.

In my old house I had a cork board that I pushed all my enamel pins into, it was easy to grab a couple and go! This new house is smaller and I no longer have a dedicated sewing room. I don’t mind at all, we wanted to downsize and I feel much happier in this smaller space. BUT there was some stuff that couldn’t come with us or wouldn’t suit a smaller space and my huge cork board covered in sketches/sewing patterns/notes/scraps of fabric and enamel pins just wouldn’t look nice in my living room. So when I packed up the old house I sold the cork board and packed up all my pins into a little tin. They have been sitting in there since the move and I haven’t worn any of them! They had been totally forgotten! So I needed another solution, a prettier one that would look nice and also be practical. This is the solution I came up with – a banner made from felt and I thought I would turn it into a tutorial for you all too! Read More

#sewingprecious Giveaway!



It’s quite hard to follow up on last week’s Freebie Sewing Patterns blog post – man we all love a free pattern don’t we? Luckily, I’ve got some gorgeous sewing tools to giveaway so we can keep the free stuff train going!

A few weeks ago, my mum posted on Instagram a picture of my grandma’s button tin and it got a conversation going about people having their mum’s/grandma’s/aunties/great-gran’s button tins and all the treasures that are found inside. This led to my mum coming up with the idea for this wonderful challenge and giveaway! Read More

FREE Sewing Patterns List!


Almost a year ago I researched and compiled a huge list of free PDF patterns from Indie pattern companies. I thought it was time to update this list, delete some links to patterns no longer available, and most importantly – add a load of new ones! If you have a favourite that isn’t in this list feel free to leave a comment, I am happy to host this as a living document that everyone in the sewing community is welcome to add to.

A lot of pattern companies that sell PDF patterns often release a free pattern so you can try out their brand before handing over any hard-earned cash! With the help of my lovely followers this is now a list of over 80 of the best freebie patterns. I have tried to only include pattern companies we know and trust. No weird websites or odd Pinterest links here. Only generous pattern companies who would like to offer some freebies to their customers.

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